Ladies Haircuts          $75

Mens Haircuts            $47

One step color            $80

Highlights                  $105-$155

Blow-dry Styling        $45-$60

Up Styling                  $65-$95

Keratin Treatments    $275-$500

Extensions Priced on Consultation

Stay up to date with a chic modern take on a classic haircut and endless coloring options I offer at Dynzle Kellebrew Salon,  My Haircuts and hairstyles for men and women showcase over 15 years of excellent service.


Multi-Dimensional Hair Color

Explore the wide range of hair coloring options that I offer.  I use only the best color lines in the business Aloxxi and Goldwell to achieve rich luminous color you  can't get out of a box.  Many application methods are available.

Balayage      -  Foil  -        Ombre

The blow-dry and bridal hairstyles I do for women always reflect the fashionable individualism of my satisfied customers.  To capture the look you truly desire, come in for beauty consultations with me prior to having your hair cut or styled.


make over

make over